Even LeBron James’ wedding invite with tight security


TMZ, being TMZ, reports on the details of Miami Heat star LeBron James‘ wedding invitation, and us being us, we’ll share them with you:

According to the invites — obtained by TMZ — LeBron and Savannah Brinson are still tying the knot on the weekend of Sept.13th to 15th, somewhere in San Diego (which we knew from the Save the Date).

But the invites are super vague … only listing a “Welcome Barbeque” at 7pm on Friday, Sept 13th (which is the beginning of Yom Kippur. Sorry Jews). Then listing a “Farewell Brunch” at 10:30 am Sunday.


Instead, guests are instructed to call a top secret phone number by August 1st. After guests call the number, someone will get back to them with actual details.

via LeBron James — The ‘Mission Impossible’ Wedding Invites | TMZ.com.

So that’s pretty smart, since it took TMZ about 45 seconds to get its hands on one. The next step in this process clearly needs to be invitations that are only eligible with thumbprint ID in place. Seriously, who was like “Oh, hey, here’s this special piece of paper that people have clearly endeavored to control the release of. I know! I’ll give it to TMZ!” Who are these people?

(Would I run a post just like they did if I got my hands on a copy? Absolutely! Journalism! Or something!)

(I just want to get paid.)

I’m not even mad or outraged at the decision; it’s just baffling. I would never think to be like, “Oh, I should give this invitation from someone who was kind enough to think of me when planning their special day to the most voracious gossip publication on American soil.” Just wouldn’t occur to me.

Anyway, pretty smart to hide things that way. You don’t even call to get the details. You call, they vet you, and then they call you back. When my wife reads this she’s going to lament this was not an option when we got hitched as to prevent my stoner friends from being completely torched at our reception.

James has been engaged to Savannah Brinson for over a year, and the wedding will wind up being pretty spectacular, given that he’s, you know, LeBron. They’ve been together since high school and have two kids together. Good to see two people making a firm commitment to one another in which I’m sure no significant and elaborate pre-nuptual agreement is in place.

Given the security on this thing, I can only assume that LeBron’s bachelor party details will be delivered in the form of some barcode you have to get tattooed on and then can be read only by someone with your exact retinal match.

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