Why the Mavericks would gamble on Greg Oden and not Andrew Bynum

The Mavericks are in the conversation for the honor of trying to prop up the career of Greg Oden, the former No. 1 overall draft pick whose knees have never allowed him to produce anything close to the performances expected of him when he was with Portland.

Does this make sense?

Maybe. But only for the right price.

That’s part of what kept the Mavericks from getting into the Andrew Bynum discussion. He was going to get $24 million from Cleveland from the very start. Perhaps it’s not all guaranteed, but the betting money is that he’ll end up getting most of that cash. He’ll find a way to meet those incentives.

That’s a huge investment.

Oden will come far cheaper. If the Mavericks can get him for something in the $3-million range that was pegged for Devin Harris, then that’s a reasonable risk to take.

Oden hasn’t played in three seasons. So he’ll have a lot to prove. According to reports, he’ll be meeting with several teams in Las Vegas at the summer league, including the Mavericks.

There will be other teams with better shots to win big who are in the running for Oden. It will come down to his health, and to money, just as it did with Bynum.

Oden is not as much of a gamble. It’s still a desperation move. That’s clear. But if you can take a swing at a long shot, sometimes they come in.


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