Triumphant Kenya Rugby sevens team get CBA saving tips


To set them off on their savings plan journey, CBA’s Group Managing Director, Isaac Awuondo confirmed that the bank would open a savings accounts for each player, with an initial deposit of Ksh20, 000.

“We at CBA were very proud of the success and achievement of our 7s team during the world cup. We commend the players for the pride and joy that they brought to our country, and as a bank we believe that equipping them with tips on saving and investment, will provide them with life-skills off the field and laying firm foundation for their future,” said Awuondo.

Awuondo said that CBA is looking into ways of providing much more support to the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) to grow the sport in Kenya, as part of the bank’s endeavor to promote sport development in country.

He congratulated them for their excellent performance at the recently concluded Sevens Rugby World Cup held in Moscow, where Kenya was ranked fourth.

Kenya Rugby Union Chairman Mwangi Muthee commended CBA for this gesture saying, “ This is a step in the right direction. It is important that the players have a solid grounding and are able to make wise financial decisions, particularly as they focus on life beyond their playing days when they are able to sustain themselves and make investments from their earnings. “

Team member Sidney Ashioya, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues said, “ We appreciate the step taken by CBA to give us tips on making sound decisions regarding our finances. We are all aware of the fact that we’ll not play this game forever and we need to be able to prepare ourselves for life beyond our playing days.”

Kenya reached its second consecutive semi-finals in the World Cup in Moscow and was fifth at IRB World Series.

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